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I want to buy an new graphics card from Nehru Place, Delhi, and my budget is 4000 rupees. I am a student that's why I'm having tight budget, so please don't increase my budget. Thanks :ange:
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  1. the best graphics card that you can buy for 4000 rs is nvidia geforce gt 630 ddr3
  2. @mohit9206

    mohit is right best card for ur budget is GT 630, buy Zotac GT 630 2GB.
  3. 2gb is useless buy the 1gb variant
  4. Can you tell me the ati model please
  5. amd radeon hd 5570
  6. First tell us, for what you need a Graphic Card.
    Playing games or Work?
  7. am sure he needs it for gaming.
  8. Yes I want it for gaming in mid settings
  9. at 720p gt630 is very playable in mid settings.
    but if u could step up a little bit u could get a 5670 which is better than the gt 630
    it is jsut 400 more and in Nehru place it might be even cheaper.
  10. get 6670 ddr3 in nehru place @ 4200 far better than this
  11. then u should definately get 6670.
    6670 is still THE best budget card.
    but still u should go to Nehru place to confirm
  12. So, which will be the best model of hd6670. My screen resolution is 1024*1280. and thank you very very much for helping me.......
  13. dont go for 2gb model since it will be useless to u,
    for as simple as it gets get the one with the highest gpu clock
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