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Hi- Please can you let me know if this is a good low to mid range build and also recommend a mid range graphics card?






HD- I dont really need a big HD or a fast one.

CD ROM- just for loading games nothing else.

Will I need anything else and will my motherboard fit that case I picked ATX so I presume it would? O and do I need a fan?
At the moment the only game I play is GW2 and I would like to play it at medium to high settings. I might play other games in the future tho, but I would say I’m a ‘heavy’ gamer.

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  1. First, get a better case, also get a proper hdd, with SATA, not IDE, as for a card, you didn't say the budget, but for 1080p at least a 7850 from amd or a 660 gtx from nvidia.
  2. Thanks! - Sorry just need to edit something, 'I would say I'm a heavy gamer' should be I wouldn't say I'm a heavy gamer.

    Ok, so with a case what qualifies as a good case? , i.e how would i identify a good case is it all linked to price?

    I will look at the HDD

    Do I need the CPU I have picked, eg could I could cheaper a dual core, ect- I'm just wondering because I wont be a heavy gamer, as I have said I only play GW2 at medium to high. I suppose a point to consider is in the future I might want to try other games out once I get into the whole PC gaming thing. So could I save money on the CPU/M board and meet my requirements?

    For the card which one of these is better, eg on price quality?

    Budget wise the other parts come to about 400 (depending on the case I get), so I would spend 100-150 on a card.

    It looks like the AMD is cheaper, so I would probably consider that unless there's a massive difference in performance and the Nvdia is worth the extra money.

    Is there anything else I need to consider here, eg anything else I'm over looking?

    Thanks for your help,without it I would probably end up buying an expensive pre-built system!
  3. Thanks again!

    But I need to buy from ebuer (buying on finance) :sol:

    So do you think I should go for


    Looking at the chart here

    The 660 (non TI) seems to perform worse and its more expensive, but I'm not that clued up. The EVGA GTX 660 SuperClocked is 2GB and the PowerColor HD 7850 1GB would this make a difference? If the performance differnece is marginal then I would rather the cheaper card.

    Also maybe I'm looking at the incorrect versions of the cards, there are so many.

    The 660s

    The 7870's

    Thanks again.
  4. Well if you're in a tight budget, get the 7850, it's a good card, the 660 gtx is better, but more expensive, the 7850 in that case might prove to be the best value.
    But if you want a 7850, get a 2GB one :

    But if you can spend more 25£ this 660 gtx is good :

    It's the EVGA 660 FTW, with a high overclock from factory
  5. Also the case

    is micro ATX and my M card is ATX Form Factor

    I probably sound like a noob but is this ok?

  6. lol, i thought it was the h77m from asrock.
    Yes, you need a mid tower case :
  7. No, the pro 4 mvp is better, your mobo is a good one.
    Seems good to me, you have everything that's needed, the i5-3470 has the intel stock cooler which is perfectly fine for that cpu.
    Don't forget the os, if you don't have one.
  8. :)! Done and dusted.

    Yeah I have windows 7 (64 bit)- should be enough don't fancy delving into 8 just yet.

    Thanks again for the help.
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