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Which is the best graphics card ever?
(any range)
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  1. Which is better AMD XFX FX-797A-TNFC gpu or EVGA GeForce GX 680?
  2. Single-card? Obviously the dual-GPU GTX 690. Ever? GTX 690 in SLI (I think, or maybe HD 7970 GHz in CFX, but that might have many issues)
  3. A GTX 690?
  4. Single GPU Range
    Radeon 7970 followed by GTX 680

    Dual GPU Range
    GTX 690 followed by Radeon 7990 (7970x2)

    I am a Nvidia fan but I would still say the best is 7970, because you don't need anything more than this beast. Its best purchase for its performance and price.
  5. Which is the best graphics card of the AMD 6670 series?
  6. Which is the best 2 GB graphics card within the range of Rs 5000-6000 for playing games?
  7. What if I buy ASUS HD6670-2GD3?
  8. Quote:
    What if I buy ASUS HD6670-2GD3?

    You can but you won't get noticeable improvements (if any at all). Also, it is DDR3, which is might be worse than what I've recommended
  9. Which is best for cross-firing?
  10. Ankit_773 said:
    Which is best for cross-firing?

    2 HD 7970 GHz 6GB editions lol
  11. Crossfire is for AMD cards, SLI is equivalent to Crossfire but for Nvidia cards.
    Cant really answer that question, as it is very subjective to what games you play. Some games are very well set for multiple GPU's while others aren't so well optimized and suffer for it.

    Also theres no point Crossfire/SLI'ing lower end cards when you can just buy a single card of equivalent strength and price. Only worth doing Crossfire/SLI when your talking higher end cards or if you already own a card.

    Also we need more info. If your after advice on which card to get, we need to know your budget and usage.
  12. go for 6670 ddr5 available @ primeabgb @ 5.5 & 7750 @ 8.5 @ filpkart both doesnot require extra connector for power. they use it from pcie slots.
  13. Best For Crossfire
    2 x 7970 Ghz Edition

    Best For SLI
    2 x GTX 690

    NOTE: A single GTX 690 beats 2x7970 {7990} . And now you can imagine the power of SLI GTX 690!
  14. Sumukh_Bhagat said:
    Best For Crossfire

    NOTE: A single GTX 690 beats 2x7970 {7990} . And now you can imagine the power of SLI GTX 690!

    Thats pure BS, a single GTX 690 does not beat a 7970 CF
  15. Get the Card Ravyu suggest, The GDDR5 are the latest.

    You'll be able to play every game on Low 1600x1200, with Good fps.
  16. It beats it, but not in every game. The difference is always of a 5-10 fps.,3329-7.html
  17. Which is best ddr5;ddr3 or gddr5?
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