I added a second screen to my pc but cant hear anything from the speakers

Hello. My 22" widescreen monitor was previously using the VGA port on my HP PC. I added another older flatscreen (15" square) to the setup. The older monitor now uses the VGA port, and the 22" uses the HDMI port. With the PC using the HDMI port, I cannot hear any sound from the speakers built into the 22" screen. You can see that the sound is coming in, but I cannot hear it. What's up?
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  1. right click on the sound icon on the task bar and select "playback devices"
    a box will pop up, right click on youre new monitor and select "set as default device"
    so that you see a green check mark, some times you have to set as default twice.
  2. Thanks, for the advice. Now when I plug in the headphones, they do not work. (In the past, they worked when you plugged them in. ) Is the only way to use the headphones to make them the default device and disable the speakers??? Seems crazy.
  3. ya, you need to rinse and repeat when you swap between devices.
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