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Upgrading Graphic Card

I am thinking of buying Sapphire HD7770 Vapor-X card to replace my old Nvidia 9500GT card. I wonder if my system will bottleneck the graphic card? If it does,how much performance decrease will i see?

Mobo : As rock N68c s ucc
PSU : 500W
Cpu : AMD Phenom II X2 555BE 3.6Ghz

Sorry for my bad english
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    There no way to tell, will it bottleneck or not. But it will surely not. That processor will easily handle it.
  2. I think your PSU is more worrying, we need a bit more info on it
  3. 500w is enough power, but your PSU should be a good quality one like Corsair or Seasonic.
  4. I currently using 30$ psu. From u guys were saying,i think my psu cant handle it. Can u guys suggest psu around 100$?
  5. Thanks for quick reply. Really appreciate all help :)
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  7. Well

    Xfx Core Pro 550W

    Would suffice you

    Its made by seasonic and way better than Cx 600.
  8. Quote:
    Don't buy a power supply unless you have problems-500 watts can handle a 7970 so she easily handle yours

    That depends. Since the PSU is $30, it might not be a continuous 500W, meaning you can't actually use 500W, maybe only 300- 400W
  9. Well tell us the PSU model.
  10. even if your psu is 30$, it can handle a 7770 easily.
    don't bother to get a new psu, unless u have prob. with it.
  11. 7770 need ~85W so to be sure tell use the brand/model.
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