M452-6253-msi 970a-g46 9 series am3 motherboard installation guide

I am troubleshooting new computer system. MSI 970A-G46 AMD 9 Series AM3+Motherboard and AMD FX-4130 3.8GHZ Quad
Core AM3+ Unlocked CPU. Purchased bareboard system from TigerDirect. I also purchased a MSI Radeon HD 5450 1GB DDR3
PCIe w/HDMI Low Profil. Power supply had a 24-pin power but no 8-pin power connection for CPU on motherboard. My first
question would the 24-pin connection provide power to CPU without having to use a 8-pin power connection. When I power
up computer, not getting any power to monitor. I tried two different monitors and they both are good. Has anyone seen this
problem? :hello:
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  1. Please respond..Tom
  2. There is a black 8 pin EPS connector between the cpu and the blue video output on the back of the motherboard
  3. I know where the JPWR2 ATX 8-pin power connector is located. The power supply
    came with a 20-pin/4-pin connector, but no 8-pin connector. Unable to combine
    two 4-pin connectors because unavailable with power supply. Question, will the motherboard power up the CPU with the 24-pin connection?? Do I have to order
    a power supply with a 24-pin and a 8-pin power connection?
  4. that fx processor has 125W TDP

    afaik, for 125W cpu, 8 pin is a must
    get this quality psu
    corsair 430/500/600
    or XFX 450/550
    seasonic 450/above
    anything you can afford

    for most 65-77W cpu, 4 pin is okay
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