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Hey guys,

I'm having a look around for a new graphics card, and was wondering what you guys think.

My price range is around £100

CPU: i5 3570K
PSU: XFX pro550W PSU (80 plus)

So far i am looking at the gtx 650, 560, and 6850, which can all be had for around £100; but knowing me, ive probably missed an amazing card at my price range :D

I am in the UK, so i use sites like amazon, dabs and scan.

Also I was wondering if i should buy my card now, or wait until Christmas, or new year. Does anyone know if these events affect the price if the card normally? I am in no rush to buy.

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  1. thanks! ill have a look at it. What is the major advantage of the Ghz edition?
  2. GHz means that the GPU is clocked at a higher rate, which equates to better performance, worth it if you ask me. However, you may also consider the last gen cards like GTX 560 and HD 6850 as their performance may be better in certain cases
  3. Ravyu said:


  4. wow! thanks. i knew i missed a card :p

    Ill definitely buy this card unless something big pop up. Also, does anyone know about price changes around Christmas time, and if its worth waiting or not?
  5. Well i would say get it.

    That xfx is enough :D And the GPU wil do the job

    If you want to wait why not. I waited 2 month to buy this pc :D
  6. Hey,

    So i have been looking around a bit, and i have found a few different brands all at he same price point that i like, and i was wondering which one you guys prefer.

    Sapphire Radeon HD7770 OC Graphics Card

    And also the one prototype18 found. also i was having a look at the:

    VTX3D AMD Radeon 7770 HD 1GB PCI-Express 3.0 HDMI X-Edition

    I havent heard of this brand, but have seen them around on amazon, ebay and dabs. they also come with a bunch of free game. Does anyone know if they are any good?
  7. Well i would get asus. ThatVTX3D its not great but is a GPU.

    Asus will stay cooler than saphire and will oc easily.
  8. Ok, well I'd rather go for a popular brand than that VTX3D then. Also, did you mean the asus one you found on dabs, or the one on eBay?

    because of the price of delivery on dabs, they are all the same price, and i think a factory overclock is better than overclocking at home? I haven't overclocked anything yet, so, err, im kind of a noob here. :D

  9. Yes OCed is better than self ocing (The cards they OC should be better than the one they sell in stock.)

    Well i would get the one from ebay with free shiping. (as u said dabs has high costs of shipment)

    That eBay is 100% and top rated seller so that wont be a problem.

    Good Luck !
  10. OK, thanks for all your help. ill let you guys know what i end up getting.
    And if anyone has anything else they'd suggest, im still open.

  11. Yeh, that is a great card and i did have a long look at it. Considering that it is £45 more expensive than the 7770, is it worth it?
    Im not exactly a hardcore gamer, so unless its a lot better and you think its more futureproof, i dont mind turning down the settings a bit.
  12. the 650 ti is not worth it over a 7770.
    stick with 7770
  13. seriously, gonna believe that benchmark, and from that website..

    If you want better multiple display support get the HD 7770, although the 650Ti can support up to 3 display output, 1 vga 1 dvi 1 hdmi.
    If you want CUDA Cores get the nvidia gtx 650ti.
  14. That bench is so true ! Go lie somewhere else plz !

    This is w/o Nvidia drivers so that 650 ti is even better now. 7770 is too cuz that are the 21.11 beta 1 now we are on beta 8.

    But i wouldnt spend 40+ to get to a 650 ti !
  15. still if he wants CUDA Cores, should he still get the HD 7770? it's a matter of what you want and need.
    also, benchmarks are meant to guide, not believe to the point that you're gonna kill if no one else will believe it.
    That benchmark you linked showed 650 Ti > 7770.. 650 Ti at 52% at unknown drivers which we are on 310.70 now.. meanwhile HD 7770 at 45% at 12.11 drivers.
  16. I didnt say its not good. But as he is in a tight budget spending 44+ its senseless
  17. Whilst my budget is not set in stone, Im not a hardcore gamer, so at the moment it looks as if the best bang for my buck is the 7770.

    Also, I don't have a particular requirement for CUDA cores. So im going to go ahead and buy the 7770 this week :bounce:

    Thanks for all your help!
  18. Right then, Goodluck! :D
  19. So i ended up buying the asus 7770 that prototype suggested, and it runs great. On my normal pc screen i can max far cry 3 etc, but have to turn it slightly down when i switch to the full hd one. But im really happy with this.

    Thanks everyone,
  20. Im glad it works. Good Luck !
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