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Hello all. I have just finished my first custom build pc and everything is up and running great. But there is a couple of problems, the biggest one being that windows 7 seems to be stuck in classic theme. I am running windows 7 home on my core i5 2500k with a radeon hd 6770. I have tried all sorts of things and can not get this fixed. Anything i can do? Please and thank you :)
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  1. Wait, what?, you mean the taskbar is colored blue?. that can be changed by going into the Personalization menu and changing the Theme color.
  2. Install (or reinstall) your graphics drivers and then reset the computer. Then rt click on the desktop, personalize, and select one of the aero themes, and then customize to your heart's content.

    If that does not work then try uninstalling any other graphics software (like the software that came with your GPU, or the Intel driver for the HD3000 graphics, or the Virtu software that may have come with your mobo), then go to AMDs website and load the current driver, and try the first suggestion. AMD in particular seems to require a full uninstall of the old driver before you install the new one to work correctly.
  3. Oh, and make sure that you are plugged into your graphics card video output, and not the onboard video output
  4. OK. well first off just to clarify when i say classic. i say that because thats what it says the windows color is set to classic in the control panel. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics card drivers might try it again. Havent seen any other graphics software on here. And my mobo doesnt have any onboard graphics, so that makes that part easy.
  5. Quick question. Shouldnt i have the Desktop Windows Manager Sessions Manager in my services?

    OK so i just tried the patcher at the link above and it has seemed to fix it so... thx for the help but it looks like i finally got it working. :P
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