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I am setting up a Dual monitor Setup, I have an Older LCD monitor (24-26) inches, a tiny bit of light leakages and gets fairly warm, but wanna upgrade to 2, 27 inch LED's. For multitasking.

If any preferences, let me know, I am debating the IPS277L LG IPS monitor

And the LG E2742V-BN

I was also looking at the AOC e2752Vh Just as a toss up.

I need something sleek, fairly low (my desk is a bit tad high up) good viewing angle (i understand the IPS is better, but curious), great color and good brightness. I also game a bit so having a decent response time is important.

The LG IPS would be $750-800 roughly for the pair, LG E27 around $500, and AOC's around $600.

I do Some gaming, Audio mixing, some graphics. Just need to know which is probably the most recommended route, if anyone has experienced these monitors. They will be setup dual, slight angled inwards (slightly), and the desk is a tad high, but I will/can tilt the monitors.

Thanks Everyone!
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  1. If you haev a microcenter near you, i would get this

    a steal if you ask me.

    or if you could wait(a month or two)

    if not

    The LG monitor is only 1080p while these are 2560x1440
  2. there isnt any point of getting a 27 inch panel if its not 1440p. you only pay more for less image quality

    the pb278q is a good choice
  3. I have the LG monitor you mention. I'm considering moving towards a dual monitor setup with the LG as the second (and a 1440p as primary). The monitor looks nice but I find the black levels and viewing angles (particularly vertical) lacking.

    I disagree that 27 inch panel needs to be 1440p for everything, but perhaps for games it is necessary. All the anti-aliasing in the world can't help if the pixels are large enough to see in the first place.
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