How do I know if I'm getting the most out of my hardware?

What sort of benchmarks and things should I run to find out if I'm utilizing the high end components I'm running?

I feel like my SSD's are not as fast as they should be, and have been wondering how to test my ram.

Any suggestions?
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  1. For the SSD's, you can use Crystal Disk Mark to test their speed, then compare to what others have been getting.
    RAM is just making sure that the right settings are enabled. Just jump into the BIOS and make sure the XMP is enabled.

    Run 3DMark11 to get a general system graphical performance benchmark. Theres a free basic version, again just compare to what people with similar systems are getting.
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    Agreed though i would say also run DX11 Heaven because that seems to give a very accurate representation of the GPU performance as well as test the stability of your GPU,

    Are you overclocking?

    also run a game such as bf3 or any other demanding game, turn off vsync, and run the MSI afterburner overlay that should give you a GPU usage which if it is ever below 99% and is getting low FPS(really anything below 60) then you may have a CPU bottleneck.

    also look at this page and run any program you think will give you an accurate depiction of you performance
  3. Thanks guys. Seems I'm just being paranoid all my benchmarks seem to be close to or above what others get for my hardware.

    Appreciate the links and software suggestions though.
  4. yeah no problem... hope everything works out! :D dont forget to pick a best answer
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