PC powers on but no display on the monitor and POST beeps

I built a new system last week and it doesnt show anything but a blank screen on the monitor but it powers on with the power led and the fans spinning , i had plugged all the power supply pins including the 4 pin one which most people forget.

Things i did :
Benchtested and still no display on the monitor ( which i have tested on my brothers pc and it works fine ).
PSU works on other PC"s and i tested the voltage with a voltage meter and the paper clip trick.
removed incorrect stand offs in pc case.
checked compability list for cpus .
removed and re-seated ram and bought new ram for motherboard.
Changed graphic card.
Used onboard graphics.
Tried different Graphics card.
Reseted Bios and Cmos.

So ive nearly tried everything and nothing shows up on the monitor screen. :(
I had a ESD wrist strap while building the PC.
So if someone could help i could deeply aprreciate your efforts . :D
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  1. Did you properly seat the processor and heatsink before turning it on? You mention removing the incorrect stand-offs. You need some kind of stand offs unless it is a plastic case. There is a chance (a rather good chance) that you fried your motherboard if you were not using stand-offs. It seems that the only thing you haven't tried yet is replacing it.
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