Vista Home premieum 32 bit to Win 7 pro 64 bit?

Hi guys, on this hard drive im currently using vista home premium 32 bit with service pack 2, i just bought online a Windows 7 pro 64 bit disk, can i still install this over my version over vista?

p.s. I don't mind if it deletes my files and what not.

Thanks in advance
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  1. If the answer is no, will this Windows 7 pro 64 bit edition install windows 7 home premium 32 or 64 bit over my existing OS? (this is what i want, im not fussed about pro)
  2. Anyone? :)
  3. Is the Windows 7 Pro 64 an upgrade disk, OEM or Retail?

    If you have an Upgrade Edition go to the WD (Western Digital) web site and download the free edition of Acronis True Image.
    and create as big as a partition as you have available free space. Hopefully the partition will be bigger than used space. With Vista running put the Windows 7 DVD in to the Disk drive. Select clean install and point it to the partition you just created.
    When the install is finished you will be able to transfer your files from the partition with Vista to the partition with Windows 7. When done you can delete the Vista partition to have just one partition with Windows 7.

    If you have an OEM or Retail Windows 7 and you really do not want anything that is on your HDD right now just insert the Windows 7 disk, select clean install and format when it askes you.

    Read everything and follow directions on screen. The Acronis has detailed instructions.

    One other thing before you start. Make sure your equipment is 64bit compatable.
  4. thank you knotknut, it is an upgrade edition, i purchased it from I believe its retail. I dont really want anything on my HDD now, i have alot of work backed up online, so i think i dont need to partition it. :) So i literally insert the disk and fire aware? i thought i'd need atleast a home premium 64 bit or something
  5. I went from Vista Home Premium 32bit to Win7 Pro 64bit using the student discount iso sold in the U.S.
    If you choose the custom install option it will format your hard drive but save your old vista files in a file called
    win(old). You can then just delete that file if you wish. You should run the Win7 compatibility test first. It is a free download from Microsoft. I assume you did purchase a Win 7 Pro 64bit disk or key.
  6. best way - backup what you need and do a FRESH install

    i dont know why theres an upgrade option, its discusting
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