Why MSAA has suddenly become such a demanding feature?

Back in days MSAA was common thing.Which almost anyone could enable and get solid performance.But suddenly these current game namely sleeping dogs,far cry3,himan absolution even max pyne3 runs like crap when you enable anything over 4 for high end cards.Or over 2 for midrange cards.Both nvidia and ati cards get hammered when you enable those AA.So what the deal?Is MSAA just crap when it comes to dx11?Or do we need more efficient AA like FXAA without blur?
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  1. It was always demanding and enabling it always gave a huge performance hit.
  2. Well i read somewhere that AA could be even worse, FSAA takes most performance
    2nd is MSAA which also takes a lot of performance
    next are FXAA and TXAA which take very less performance hit compared to MSAA

    well AA is a very difficult thing to do graphically,
    Full screen AA(FSAA) renders the same frame in a very high resolution and hence the most performance hit
    Multi-sampling AA (MSAA) makes more samples of the same frames, 1x 2x 4x 8x just mean more samples
    Fast approximate AA (FXAA) is applied after the whole frame is rendered and it detects the jagged lines and blurs them a little bit,(which is why it can be forced) this requires very less power, hance the low performance hit
    TXAA is Nvidia's property, it looks better in motion and according to Nvidia it removes the aliasing that even 8x MSAA can't!!!
    this is wat i've read::
    TXAA is a combination of hardware anti-aliasing, a custom anti-aliasing resolve, and a temporal filter. To filter pixels, TXAA uses a contribution of samples both inside and outside of the pixel in conjunction with samples from prior frames, to offer the highest quality filtering possible. In motion, TXAA approaches the quality of other high end, professional anti-aliasing algorithms, though the higher quality filtering used by TXAA does result in a softer image compared to the lower quality filtering of traditional MSAA.


    FSAA is almost dead
    MSAA is not that great bcoz of the huge performance hit and it still dosent remove all the jaggies,
    FXAA is a little blurry but i can deal with it coz of so less performance hit
    TXAA is just for NVIDIA
    there are constantly people working for new types of AA and each gen of GPU's get something new, like kepler got TXAA
    for your main question all i hav to say is that
    MSAA just takes a lot of power and there is nothing u can do about it
    i hope we may someday have some AA that didn't take a lot performance wesn't blur or a flagship and may we be rid of jagged lines forever.....
  3. Or have a high enough resolution monitor that AA is no longer needed.
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