How to check my microphone setting

I tried to use Skye and I can hear other person can see him and he can see me but he cant hear me . I tried eco test that failed and ask to check my microphone setting. I dont know how to check .pl help
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  1. rt click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner, recording devices, select Microphone, select "set default", select properties and make sure everything is OK and that you are receiving a signal.
  2. Did you mean you tried Skype? It has it's own toolbox for mic/video settings
  3. I have found on most computers you need to go into the mic settings as one of the other posters pointed out and you need to turn the mic volume up high like 80-100% then you need to turn up the db boost to like 75% to get a good sound. If you sound to lound and staticy then back those down a click.

    i like to use sound recorder to check how well the mic is working. After you mess with you mic settings. Go to start orb programs accessories and sound recorder.
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