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I currently run a i5 2500k @4.3ghz with a 6870.

I want to play new games like Farcry 3, Planetside 2 and other new releases at max settings around 60fps or more

I currently run 1680x1050 but hope to get 1080p soon.

I had eyes on the 7970 which i can get for around £305, should i get it now or wait for 8000 since rumors say the new series is coming December/January.

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  1. I am an avid planetside 2 player and have a phenom x4 combined with a gtx570. I would say the game is much more cpu intensive than gpu, and seeing as you have an i5 that wouldnt be sowing you down. The 6870 is a good card too so i wouldnt upgrade just yet(wait for the 8000). If you are having fps problems with planetside I have a tutorial video on how to fix it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLTP2X-QlNA&list=UUsI04uXkK2GDn7uw1nUOu2g&index=2&feature=plcp

    In my opinion just wait for the 8000's. And if you want to add me in planetside my users are:

    ConAir-Waterson NC
    VanAir- Mattherson Vanu
    TerAir- Soltec TR
  2. How much were the 7970s at launch? If the 8000 are around £400-500 it will probably make me buy a 7970
  3. wait for 8000 series there's a leak and the number speaks for it self:
    nothing for sure but just wait for 8000 series
  4. If price is a limiter for you then yet get the 7970. But nobody knows what a 8000 will cost after it has been released a month. There is also the possibility that people will be selling their used 7970's for low prices online if they upgrade to a 8000 series...
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