Key aim is to build/purchase a desktop PC to essentially use as a media centre with my new 55” 3D Samsung 8000 Series television.

Why a PC? I wouldn’t mind using a media player of some sort, however I have over 20TB of music, 3D films, documentaries, etc, (mostly 1080p) and PC is the only real place to store it all in one place. The other reason is that I love XBMC. (So if people have another suggestion, that’s most welcome)

I’m not loaded, so keeping the budget down is a must. I’m also VERY conscious of keeping the power consumption down to a minimum.

These are my key areas of query:

CPU – What’s the best value CPU (with some degree of future proofing) that can play 1080p video (regardless of graphics card), with ease? [Not really a gamer, but some gaming power is preferable, but not crazy levels] Additional Note: what could be the minimum CPU I could use, without getting into problems such as stuttering, etc…]

GRAPHICS CARD – Must be quiet, low power consumption (i.e AMD cards), must be able to play 3D content, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, as audio will be transferred via the HDMI, it must have an excellent sound chip/processor (not your basic thing) [Again, some gaming potential would be nice, but nothing crazy] NOTE: quality of the video and sound is the most important factor in this system, and am willing to spend a few extra pounds to get this right.

RAM: Most likely using Windows 7, and maybe Windows 8 at some point in the future. Whats a sensible amount of RAM, without going silly?

KEYBOARD/MOUSE: As this is going in the living room, I want a wireless keyboard/mouse setup. Considering the operating system will be used on a big telly, from the comfort of a sofa, what’s a good option, without loosing the benefits of occasionally needing to type long emails, or do some word processing?

Is there anything else that I am missing?

PLEASE HELP… need to have a plan by Saturday!!!!
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  1. I'd probably would be looking towards an Intel CoreI3 processor with an Radeon HD7670 and 4 to 8 GB of RAM.

    Can't speak to wireless keyboards/mice as my keyboard is an old Microsoft MCE keyboard which I don't think are even available. My only other wireless keyboard was an Adesso 3000 and it's a piece of garbage.

    -Wolf sends
  2. That sounds about right. One other issue, that someone has actually pointed out. If my aim is to watch 3D films on my Samsung 8000 series, I've been told that I won't need a 3D card. As long as the film is 3D (side by side or over and under), then a TV such as the Samsung can do the rest to make it 3D. Is this correct?
  3. Can't help you with that one. Sorry.

    -Wolf sends
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