Sound not working!

I have installed a radeon hd 6850 graphics card, and since then, i have been able to get no sound. it says diagnose, no results, no high definition audio output.

my speakers are plugged in to the back of the computer like they were before.

any ideas??

i have windows 8
amd athlon ii x2 processor
radeon hd 6850 graphics card
my motherboard is an ECS MCP61M-M3

any help or step by step instructions would be so greatful!!
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  1. Som ss of device manager can we get?
  2. Is your soundcard dedicated or integrated ?
    Have you tried reinstalling your sound drivers?
  3. Goto control panel / sound and switch the standard playback device back to your onboard. The video driver set it to the hdmi of the 6850, but windows can only handle on playback device at a time.
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