Is getting an SLI-supporting mobo worth getting 2 GTS 450s?

Here is my current build:
ASUS M4A88T-M mobo
Nvidia GTS 450 GPU
4 GB Patriot Sector 5 Edition RAM
Antec BP550 550W PSU
AMD Phenom II X4 925 Quad-Core CPU @ 2.8 GHz

I have a couple upgrade options, and I have no idea which one would be the best for me.

Here they are:

1. Buy a friend's old GTS 450 for $10 and a motherboard that supports so SLI so I can use my current 450 and his 450 in SLI.

2. Upgrade to a different card, maybe the GTX 560 or an HD 7850.

Which upgrade option is the best?
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  1. No. 2

    Oh and go for the HD 7850 if you can afford, if you live in US you get a free game!

    The HD 7850 will be far better than GTS 450 in SLI.

    Happy Gaming!!
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