Windows 7 Compatible Low Profile, AGP 4x/8x Graphics card

Hello everyone, my first post.

My socket 478 mobo only has PCI and AGP slots. While I save up for a ~£700 rig I have to put up with my Dell OptiPlex GX270. I need a cheap, low profile AGP (or original PCI) graphics card. My other options are a) buy a 478 motherboard with PCI-E slots & buy a GT 210 (I just need any old card), which comes to £43 b) get a socket 775, and a processor, and a graphics card, >£50 or c) Get an AMD bundle, £80. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I was once in your situatuion, having only pci and agp to work with. All I can say is Im glad I saved the money and didnt buy a piece of crap agp or pci card. Honestly Those Things would be no better than that that computer already has. AGP and PCI 1.0 were probably never meant for any type of gaming. They suck.

    Also I considered buying a new motherboard for my computer which was very much like yours. the problem is that those thin computers do not take any new atx or micro atx motherboards. You cannot upgrade the motherboard.

    At this point I would just continue saving up your money for that 700 dollar computer. Anything you try to buy for that optiplex gx270 either will not fit,will not work, or will not improve performance at all. IT would simply be a waste of money.

    Sorry for the bad news but I dont like seeing people waste money. Try to stay away from small form factor computers like the optiplex in the future.
  2. @Robo

    They were meant for gaming. Just for pre-2004/2003 games. Now, the old connector has been made redundant, due to technology and games having increased in demand.

    @OP Save up the cash for a new system.
  3. Understood. Was too young at the time haha.
  4. Ok, cheers guys
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