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Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I just built a new computer with a 850w PS. I have this surge protector .
My questions is right now I have a 46" led tv, comcast box, blue ray player, xbox360, a sound bar and sub and a couple cell phones. It is rare that more than the tv, sound bar, comcast box are on but would it be too much to also plug in my computer, monitor and sound system? There may be times the computer and tv are on... I know that's a vague question, but I'm not sure how much the surge protector supports, or how much power each device uses. Any advice is appreciated, except buying another surge protector, this one was expensive enough.
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  1. Ouch thats excessively expensive. As long as you don't trip a breaker you can plug in whatever you like to it. Well I suppose their are limitations such as the amount of power provided by a single wall outlet but for your use you should have no problem at all.

    For the PC I would invest in a decent quality UPS with a built in surge protector. A surge protector on its own is nice but an instantaneous cut in power is harmful to almost every electrical device.
  2. Ok I might run down to bestbuy and grab another surge protector. You have any suggestions? I definitely don't want to spend another $150 on a similar one.
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    Would return what you have and grab something like that. What are your PC specs? if its consuming huge amounts of power you are going to want something with a bigger battery.

    surge protector =/= ups, a surge protector just protects against surges while simultaneously turning off everything connected to it (unsafely I might add).

    a UPS can also have a surge protector in addition to a battery back up (UPS stands for uninterruptable power supply) so that even if your homes power goes down you still have time to shut everything down safely instead of just cutting the power.
  4. i5-3570k
    gigabyte gtx 670
    z77 extreme 6 mobo
    8gb 1600 ram
    1tb WD 7200 HDD
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  6. K, thanks guys. I would go with amazon or newegg but I am in a time crunch with school. Maybe I can convince them to match prices haha yea right.
  7. Hey, if all I have is my computer hooked up to a battery backup, would this one work? It's a 625v instead of a 750v.
  8. VA is not Watts, you have to read the specs, but usually 50-60%. That model you linked is 625VA and 375 Watts. Common assumption everyone makes at first due to misleading advertising.

    I hope this posts sticks, don't know what happened to my others.
  9. Thanks, I bought the 625v backup. I just read on the side that it supports up to 5 minutes of power at 200 watts. Not really sure what that would mean for my system.
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