Asus VE248 is detected w/ HDMI cord but does not show picture

Hello denizens,

I have an interesting dilemma on my hands that I have not come across yet in my years of troubleshooting. I have 2 monitors, one being an Asus VE248. I recently purchased a mini hdmi cord in order to connect the Asus to my GTX580. After connecting the monitor, I can see that the monitor is being detected by my graphics card and Windows(through display settings/nvidia display settings and such) but there simply is no picture.

When i turn the monitor on, it flashes the Asus logo and then reports that "DVI no signal"(as if to say that it was connected with a dvi cord, when it clearly is not). Unfortunately, the other monitor is DVI only and I do not have my HDMI tv in my new place yet, so I cannot test the hdmi cord itself, but the fact that the monitor is being detected in Windows leads me to believe the cord is not the issue.

Any suggestions? I can provide more information of course, I did not want to be long winded in the initial post. I am also on Windows 8.

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  1. Do you have the VE248H or the VE248Q?

    Did you use the Input Select button on the monitor to cycle through the available input sources after connecting the HDMI cable?
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