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After a failed upgrade attempt involving a new motherboard, CPU and RAM, my monitors are no longer receiving any signal when my GPU is used on the old motherboard (+old CPU and old RAM). I tried reseating the RAM but it had no effect. The rest of my hardware seems to boot correctly, including the GPU.
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  1. Mind shedding some more info? Specs, how you connect it, how you know it boots up, etc.
  2. The GPU is an EVGA GTX 560 ti, the monitors are connected via HDMI and DVI, and I'm basing the fact that it works off the fact that all the fans and LEDs, including the fans on the GPU, are running, and that all the USB ports are functional. It worked flawlessly before the upgrade attempt.
  3. USB ports are functional? As in?

    What is your power supply unit? Did you by any chance forget to connect TWO 6-pin power connectors from the power supply unit DIRECTLY into the graphics card?
  4. Everything is connected and has power. The only issue is that my monitors are not receiving any signal from my GPU, despite the fact that it's powered and its fans are rotating.
  5. What is your power supply unit?
  6. A Corsair 750W unit, though I fail to see how that's relevant.
  7. Apologies for wasting your time guys I've resolved the issue.
  8. Mind letting us know what was wrong?
  9. Sunius said:
    Mind letting us know what was wrong?

    I tried a different monitor to the three I was using before and for some reason that was all it took, it's working through my other monitors now.
  10. Oh I see. Strange incompatibility...
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