Is my GTX 560 ti Faulty or what?

Hi guys I have had this problem since I got this card and have no idea what it is.
I have sent the card back and they said there was nothing wrong with it.
This is what I see when the game freezes

I honestly don't know what it is any help with this would be of great help
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  1. try underclocking the card. I don't mean unoverclock, I mean put it below stock.
  2. I know it sounds cliche, but updating the BIOS, and drivers could help. If that doesn't work, check that the cable connections are good.
  3. card looks like it's toast. only thing he can do is under clock the ram and processor ( on the video card ) and hope it lasts long enough to get a replacement.
  4. Try another cable if possible, or try changing the video port is connected to on the back.

    Also, what PSU do you have?
  5. when my 560ti broke, it got weird artifacts, got really choppy, then my system would freeze. After I underclocked by a couple hundred mhz, it stocked freezing and I sent it in for repairs.
  6. I had already sent it back and they say there is nothing wrong with it
    There was no problem with my old card and I have all the updates for the card itself and the BIOS so I am at a lost
    Also I have a 750w novatech black edition
  7. sent it back to who ? send it back again. this time put an indiscriminate mark on it so you'll know if you got the same one back.

    did you try another power supply ? did you try another monitor ? ( family, friend, neighbor )
  8. I would also send a printed version of this screenshot or even a USB stick with a video of the problem occurring. I had a suspected issue with my 560ti as it would freeze with scrolling coloured line artefacts, so I sent my mobo, CPU, RAM, PSU and the GPU all together (they were all under warranty) just to make sure and had it working within a week. (Turned out to be a really weird BIOS/driver conflict despite). Hope this helps.
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