hello not to sure were to post this but here goes ,I have a rared file that is password protected. I need to extract the data asap , Is there a sure way of getting the data extracted? thank you
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  1. Sorry to say this but i never heard of anyway to get it.

    Also on another note, if its a downloaded file, i would be cautious and delete it ASAP plus run a scan with your Antivirus.
  2. no, its a file from someone , but now they will not give me the code.
  3. yeah sorry man but your kinda stuck there believe me i tried for about 2 days straight and only got like 20 spyware 10malware and 3 trojen droppers(Gotta Love norton :P)
  4. how can a password protected file be opened or deleted? It can't can it? Can a tech do it? Find the password in the file and repair or delete it?
  5. Can't help you crack password protected things, bypass, etc its the forum rules.

    You should be able to delete it like everything else so just do that and dont worry about it, since it is useless to you.
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