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Hello, I am planning to buy a used prebuilt desktop and take out the old mobo and buy a new motherboard and CPU to use inside it. I think buying a used computer is cheaper than building a completely new system for me because I only need 60-80GB of hard disk space and a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM. I already have a graphics card (HD 2600 XT) and will buy a new processor and motherboard. My question is; will the new motherboard fit inside the prebuilt system case in either or both of the cases below?

1. The case looks like a normal desktop but a little smaller with only 1 or 2 drive bays (Samsung and LG prebuilt system). Normal ATX PSU and normal expansion slots.
2. A slim case (Looks like IBM Thinkcentre) with ATX/TFX PSU and small form factor expansion slots.

Some used computer models I have been searching for-
LG Xpion
Samsung DB-Z40/Z55
IBM/Lenovo Thinkcentre
IBM Intellistation M Pro
(I don't think you would know this one) TG Dreamsys/Dreamsys R3LC

All of these models were found in an overseas internet shopping mall, one I use regularly.
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  1. id recommand against this, just buy a new case and ps, its like 40$ for a ps and 40$ for a case. whats ur budget for cpu.mobo.ram. case+ps?
  2. I already have RAM and power, so I'm looking around $250-$300. Like I said, hard disks are too large and therefore too overpriced these days. A new 500GB hard disk (minimum size available) is more expensive than one of those used computers above. New case I'll think about, but the cheap ones are all ugly. Thank you for your advice.
  3. so whats the parts u need? just list me what u need
  4. AM3/AM2+ mobo or LGA 1155
    Athlon II CPU/Pentium
    DirectX11 GPU (GT210/5450)
    Or I might rebuild my i5 system with another case and smaller HDD and new GPU.
  5. im really unshur on what u need.
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