Nvidia GT650M 2GB DDR3 vs Nvidia GT640M 1GB GDDR5

I want to buy a new laptop for Gaming and for the Graphics Card are 2 options:

- Nvidia GT650M 2GB DDR3
- Nvidia GT640M 1GB GDDR5

Which is better? Can you notice the improvement on GDDR5?

Thank you very much!!
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  1. GT 650M is considerably better than GT 640M. Even the DDR3 version.
  2. Oh, thank you! But there is too much difference between those cards? And between i7-3630qm and i7-3635qm?
    I want to buy a gaming laptop, and these are my options: (both links are from a chilean store)

    Option 1: http://www.paris.cl/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/productLP_10001_40000000577_-5_51145648_18877035_152026529_18877035,50999203,51145648__listProd

    Option 2:

  3. Those two card won't be suffice for gaming in my opinion, you better get a desktop pc...
  4. I use only FSX, a processor-based game. The GPU is only for some graphics "things".
  5. "I want to buy a new laptop for Gaming[...]"

    I just take it that you want a gaming laptop...so if you want one you either have to spend a lot of money for a decent mobile gpu like the 670mx or 7970m.
    And for that you can have a desktop with less than half of the money.
  6. http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GT-640M.71579.0.html


    The Nvidia GT650M would be more powerful, but it may have weaker anti-aliasing performance compared to the GT640M due to a slower memory system.
  7. I don't see the difference between the i7 3630QM and the i7 3635QM. I'd go with the cheaper one with the GT 650m.

    - Blu-ray drive
    - JBL speakers
    - Better GPU

    - Heavier
    - Smaller battery
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