Just built system, won't boot after booting to bios once

I just put together my system I ordered off TigerDirect. It booted once to the MSI bios, where i switched the boot order to dvd first to load the OS. I then rebooted the system, and got nothing at all not any display. I tried rebooting it a million times and still got nothing. I waited a bit, then tried again and it started doing something, it said 9d in the bottom right corner and the top left corner of the screen was a flashing | . I then rebooted again to nothing. I opened my case and realized that I put WAYYYY too much thermal compound on, it had leaked out onto the cpu pins and the motherboard, especially in the pin holes where the cpu goes into the motherboard. Upon further research, I read that you should use qtips, toothbrush, and rubbing alcohol to gently clean the cpu. So I did that, then tried again. Still nothing. I am using an MSI motherboard, AMD phenom ii x4 965 black edition, 8gb ram, and a geforce gtx 660 ti. Please help. It bugs me the most that I was able to go into bios that first time, but never again after.
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  1. Have you cleaned the paste out of the socket?
    I imagine that's whats causing your issue.
  2. I tried with little success. How can I get inside those little holes? It was A LOT of paste.
  3. To be honest I have never had to clean paste out of a socket, so personal experience is nill.
    Try dampening some toilet paper with Isopropyl alcohol (or any alcohol based cleaning product, I'v used white spirits before), holding the board with the socket facing down and lightly pressing the paper into the socket. That will hopefully dissolve the paste that's in there and will be absorbed by the paper.
  4. Ok you only need a couple drops of thermal paste on your heatsink the reason that I know of this is because no matter how well machined there are micro porius holes the thermal paste feels those voids yest giving you a good contact with the heatsink for heat transfer anybody correct me if I am wrong just as the other user has said use tissue paper with alcohol not the kind you drink to try to remove the excess paste also try putting some alchol in the holes of your socket let sit then use a aire hole moderate air and blow out use hair dryer to dry then leave sit at least 24 hours in a warm room I hope I have been of some use good luck.
  5. you cannot "harm" your motherboard or socket with 99% ISO alcohol (avoid 70%)

    you can even run your system with the mobo sitting in a pan of it:

    remove the motherboard from the case

    use a flashlight to inspect the holes in the socket to verify there is some in there.

    pour some (a little) on the socket, shake the board around a little, then turn it upside down and wipe it off with a coffe filter; cottom swaps, TP and such can leave lint or "fuzzies".

    wash, rinse, repeat a few times. then again use a flashlight to inspect the holes in the socket. let the alcohol dry, it will quickly.

    set the motherboard on non conductive material to breadboard it.

    actually just read this . .
    PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about POST/boot/no video problems!

    even if you deside not to follow ANY of my suggestions, read the above link please . .
  6. Never heard of alcohol cooling before, learn something new every day :)
  7. manofchalk said:
    Never heard of alcohol cooling before, learn something new every day :)

    found that here:
    Is Isopropyl Alcohol to safe to use on Motherboard PCB?
    looking at the age of that board, the whacky agp (?) slot, i doubt there was much of a cooling issue . . now how some folks put the "whole computer" in a tank full of mineral oil . . serious liquid cooling. :o
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