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Zotac gtx 650 ti 2gb or gb 7850 2gb for e7500 2.93GHz

will zotac gtx 650 ti be bottlenecked on non overclocked e7500 2.93 GHz/4gb ram, or does it make sense to buy gigabyte 7850 2gb, which is 30 eur more expensive? and get 20% more fps in games?

currently i run gigabyte 5750 1gb on 1920x1080@60Hz, and usually I get 30-45fps on medium to high with 2-4 MSAA

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  1. The 7850 is like ~35% faster than the 650 ti and in 1080p it will much better for anygame, for price/performance i'd go for the 7850 2GB.
    Your cpu will not bottleneck the card.
  2. well i found few topics on web, where was said that:
    1. e6600 3ghz 2mb cache is bottlenecked by 650 ti
    2. e7300 is bottlenecked by 460 se

    so when I check toms hierarchy chart, 460se is 2 level lower than 650 ti, and I assume it really looks, that gtx 650 ti is maximum i can utilize on my system.

    well its already ordered and incoming, and 7850 would not be much of help to me as I already purchased separatly far cry 3 insane edition and 7850 comes with far cry 3 while 650 ti comes with AC III :)

    I should get the package on tuesday so we will see how much gpu will be used in bf3, since skyrim is cpu intenso to use it as benchmark.

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    At high resolutions it is the better the gpu that it will be decisive, and the 7850 would've been better and even for a future new pc.
    The 650 ti just not a good card for 1080p vs 7850 2GB.
    For me the good cards for 1080p gaming is the 7850 or 660 gtx 2GB.
  4. ok i will try to go with stronger card,
    EVGA GeForce GTX 660 3GB SC Signature 2
    should be able to live its own life in CPU less intense games :)

    I posted a question to PSU section about PSU

    any ideas?
  5. It will do for that psu, although the brand worries me.
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