Assembling a gaming rig

help me guys ,assembling a gaming rig
1)planning to buy asus readon 7770 hd(not oc),because it was luanched in 2012 and its ok ,plz tell me is it good?

2)for processor i have selected amd fx 4100 ,since i cannot afford core i5 processor.
is amd good?

3)i have 4 gb 1333 ram,should i upgrade ?

4)also suggest a motherboard ,and i have a 450 psu....
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  1. I would either get a phenomx4 965 or an fx 4300. If you can get a 7850, I would because it is better for the price. Upgrading to 8gb might not be a bad idea.
    This motherboard looks pretty good.
  2. whats ur maximum budget and what is ur country of origin?
  3. i am from india,maximum budget is 25 k....
  4. i just want to purchase processor,motherboard ,graphics card,ram and psu in 25 k,rest i have old
  5. ah ok

    motherboard+cpu combo: [...] 3d8cb4c63b

    price:Rs. 10166

    powersuppy:corsair vs550 [...] e42f334418

    price:Rs. 3220

    graphiccard:Gigabyte AMD/ATI GV-R777OC-1GD 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

    price:Rs. 8346

    ram:corsair 8gig kit

    price:Rs. 3290

    total:25022 rupees, :)
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