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Geforce 210 windows 2000 drivers

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
December 2, 2012 9:29:22 PM

I realize this is an outdated OS for this graphics GPU/Card but can anyone help me find drivers that are compatible with windows 2000? It seems like every link I click on either tries to sell me another "driver agent" type program or I get caught up in an endless loop of spam.

I ghost several operating systems and switch back and forth between them so I can always do a quick recovery if I corrupt windows trying to install the incorrect drivers. I normally use the card in a WinXP system for games and video editing but I NEED to have it working in Win2000 to use several legacy programs.

I am even willing to try and install a version of Vista or XP driver for this card since the Win2000 drivers don't seem to be available. I NEED to run it in Windows 2000 as there are several programs I still use than won't run on a later O.S. BTW, the Nvida installer will not let me install the drivers with an older OS such as Win2000 so I need a hack or work-around. Please help. Thank you.

System Info...
Windows XP/SP3 along with several ghosted versions of Linux and Win2K
Ram - 2 gigs
CPU - Athlon XP3200 on a Gigabyte MoBo
December 2, 2012 11:13:15 PM

Wow! That was fast. And yeah, I know the OS is just about as outdated as can be but any kind of hack or workaround would be appreciated. I'll give the link and driver a look. Thanks again for the quick response djangoringo.