Aftermarket cooling for GPU's

So, I got a EVGA GeForce GTX 660 TI SC, the default cooling system is a blower fan
When gaming, I get up to 70ºC
I believe this temps are normal, but would be nice if I could cool things down a bit.
So... any recommendations for an Aftermaket Cooling for me?
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  1. Artic Cooling makes some pretty universal GPU coolers that are not too expensive
  2. 70ºC for a overclocked card at load ain't that bad, in my opinion not worth the time/money looking for a aftermarket cooler for that gpu.
  3. I suggest that you look into the aftermarket cooler as that 70c can easily become 90c on a hot day and the rest of the card you can bet on being much hotter than the gpu core.
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