SLI option is a no show

Hey everyone. I'm a new comer here and this place seems to be full of knowledgeable people so I figure someone here can help me.

I recently started upgraded my PC and plan to SLI 2 Nvidia GTX 660 ti cards. I had never done an SLI hook up before so I have no idea if I'm doing it right.

My Mobo was bought back in 2009ish and from what I remember, it should support SLI. Its an MSI x58 Pro Ms-7522 V 3.1. Current Bios is 7.3

I have both cards in and drivers up to date. They are both recognized on my system and connected with the SLI bridge. I still however cant find any option under 3D settings to enable or disable SLI.

so any suggestions? I think it may be that my mainboard can in fact not support SLI. I cant find any concrete evidence that it does or does not online.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys.
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  1. Are the speeds of the pcie slots the same? If not I've got some bad news. If they are the same speed, then the mobo isn't the problem. Also, it will probably say sli somewhere on the board if it is supported. Also, try reinstalling the drivers.
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