Boot manager missing after reinstall

Hi, i recently got a new SSD and I've installed windows 7 home premium on it. However whenever i boot into my SSD's windows 7, it says that boot manager is missing. In order to boot into windows 7, i would have to change my first boot to my CD, when it asks me to press something to boot cd, i would just leave it. It would then come to a page that allows me to choose from the windows 7 installed on my SSD and the windows 7 installed on my old hard drive.

I would like to know what i have to do to boot into my SSD's windows 7 straight away.

Please help me with this as i do not want to feel that i have wasted my money on my OCZ agility 4.

PS, i've updated the firmware of my SSD to 1.5.2 which i believe is the newest.
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  1. Go into MSConfig and see what it says under the BOOT tab.

    -Wolf sends
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