ATi Radeon 9600 Pro fan is noisy.

Hello, my ATi Radeon 9600 Pro has a very noisy fan, and I need some suggestions on what I could do. There's quite a bit of dust inside the heatsink, and I'm planning to clean it with compressed air. The fan itself seems to be in need of some lubricating, as it doesn't run very smoothly, but how should I oil the fan? There are two prongs on the backside of the card that are attached to the heatsink, but I don't know how I can remove the fan? It's a very nice card, except with some annoying noise problems.

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  1. Remove the card, remove the cooler from the card and place card in a good place somewhere that it will be ok. Now remove the fan from the cooler with a small screwdriver (star tip usually) and once you have the fan removed turn it over and peal away the sticker on the back. Take a q-tip and heavy grade motor oil dab the q-tip in the oil and dab it into the bearing of the fan. Turn the fan by hand a few times and push the fan up and down a few times to help spread oil further into the bearing.

    Once that is all done put the cooler back together, you will need to clean up the old compound from the card and the base of the cooler. Use 90% grade rubbing alcohol and paper towel to remove all the old dried up compound. You will need to buy a tube of thermal compound that actually works and apply a small pea sized drop on the gpu core on the card.

    Arctic Silver 5 or Arctic MX-4 will do the job.
  2. Yes, but how will I remove the heatsink itself from the PCB? There are two prongs on the backside that hold the cooler in, so what will I need to take it out?
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