Annoying problem

Have built a new build system before Xmas
Gigabyte GA-Z77z-U3DH board
i5 3570 CPU
32gb Ram
mirrored 1tb disks
running 64gb msata SSD caching raid array
XFX 7870 VGA
Windows 8 64bit

The system runs great, no issues with anything, boot time quick, stability is fine, am not overclocking. Can play games like Sniper Elite V2 without any video lag...sort of

The issue I have seems to be around one of three things, usb, sound, at unlikely but possibly VGA.
The issue is started when playing MP3's and 5-6 times through songs would sort of stutter. Pretty random. Using media player.
Also noticed it when watching embedded video clips in IE and Chrome
Playing Games, graphics are fine but every now and then get stutter in sound, maybe a touch in video but very little but also very random.
I also got it under the HD4000 VGA hence why I put the new card in.
I have also noticed that occasionally, moving the mouse around the screen, there is a microsecond of lag behind it. sort of draw three large circles, in one for s fraction of a second it pauses and catches up.
I have updated all drivers, VGA, USB, Network, mobo, audio. Installed Codecs, removed codecs and still there.

Can anyone offer any other ideas as I have run out now and not sure where to look
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  1. What is your internet speed? Sounds like it is too slow to run your music and video smoothly.
  2. 50mb internet, 1gb local lan... happens when playing music from local drives also
  3. Pretty much a motherboard issue(built in sound card).
  4. aqe is right. Check all your connections, update drivers, disconnect unneeded peripherals. Maybe reset bios.
  5. will log a call to Gigabyte and see what they say. no additional peripherals to disconnect as use it for working on, just be nice to listen to music without trump noises coming through...
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