Need help with graphic card/ crossfire setup

Hi im unsure what graphic card to use and how to setup crossfire im assuming if there crossfired it would make my systems graphics and performance better im new to this but follow instruction well. heres my setup


CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 3.2GHz 2x1MB Socket AM3 Dual-Core CPU

Biostar motherboard with ATI radeon HD3000 graphics

Memory: 8B DDR3 RAM 1600 MHz 240-Pin DIMM/maxed out

250GB Hard Drive
1 DVI/ 1 VGA Port
6 USB 2.0
DVD R\W Drive


480 Watt PSU is maximum when set


Biostar A780L3G AMD 760G Socket AM3 mATX Motherboard
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  1. i think im going to go with a budget card and get a Radeon HD 4850 1GBcard
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