My first build 7970

Hello, i am on the point to buy my first self-build pc!
I just have a question, before i buy i need some advice from some experts if these parts are compatible with each other!
Thank you for replying!

- i5 3570
- Sapphire radeon HD 7970
- BeQuiet! 530W PSU
- Cooler Master TX3
- Asrock H77 Pro4
- Corsair vengeance 8GB 1600Mhz RAM
- Western Digital Blue WD10EALX 1TB
- NZXT Vulcan Case

If i miss a part, please tell me!
Help is always welcome, no trolls please? :non:
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  1. Can you not get the k version of the i5?

    I wouldn't use a caviar blue for a gaming build, step that up to a black and get a different PSU. Something from corsair, seasonic, enermax etc
  2. ^^^

    A good quality psu is vital.

    For the cpu I would either get the 3570k (if overclocking - wich you can not do with an h77 board) or the 3470 (no overclocking)...
  3. I would get a 64 Gb SSD for your OS.... Makes a huge difference.
  4. id never get a SSD smaller than 120gb
  5. 1. The thing that I would change is the psu, I would get trusted brands/ high tiered brands/series. A seasonic m12II/corsair hx/tx cx will do too. check this

    2. It all comes down to budget, you can add an ssd if you have a budget. But can live without it. Or you can upgrade that hdd to caviar black of you have the budget, but blue will be fine.

    3. You can save money by dishing that cooler since your not gonna overclock. You won't need it really unless you just want different looks.

    4. You can also save money by change the cpu to 3470. Levels with the performance of 3570 but cheaper.

    5. everything else is fine.
  6. i cant afford a SSD, whats the difference?
  7. What about this:
    And what if i change my RAM to this:
    will it fit in my motherboard? it will safe me 15 bucks.
    Will there be any major difference between the 3470 and 3570 in gaming (BF3 and CS:S) , video editing and photoshopping?
    That, and the 15$ i saved from the RAM, are 40 bucks!
    Thank you, sorry for my bad english :l
  8. -change back to a xfx 550w. thats all you need. they are the same units inside (xfx vs corsair)

    -mushkin blackline is 35.57 at us.ncix. same ram but cheaper

    -look at the one i suggested

    -no difference between the 2
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