How is my Build?

Here is my final build-
ASRock z77 extreme 4 mobo
Core i7 3770K processor
Zotac Nvidia gtx 650ti 2gb gddr5 graphics card
Corsair vengeance 12 gb ram
Cooler Master CM 690 II advanced cabinet
Seagate Barracuda 1TB hdd.
How is my Build?

In which category it comes-
Low end
Above low
Above medium
Ultra high
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  1. This is a really vague question.

    How it is, is subject to what its use is.

    To be honest though at first glance it seems a bit all over the place.

    You have an unlocked processor but no cooler so wont be a great OC'er. An average GPU. A weird amount of RAM. If it's for gaming you don't need the i7.
  2. Without knowing what system is being primarily used for, I'd say get a 3570K, no to the 12Gb ram, either 8Gb or 16Gb (but get the 8Gb), and take those savings and put them into your video card.
  3. It's primarily for gaming and creating 3d models.
    The team, its 1x4gb+1x8gb.
    I won't get much help by saving 2000-3000rupees. They are negligible for me.
    I am purchasing my cooler as deepcool assassin since noctua nh d-14 is unavailable and for some reason, I am limited to flipkart only.
  4. Still do not buy off set's / sizes of RAM. It will slow down the system.

    Pair them with either 2x4Gb of the same speed of RAM or 2x8Gb.
  5. Ok.
    For ram, I will buy 2x4gb corsair vengeance. It's that ok?
    Now in which category should I put my pc?
  6. That will be fine yes.

    Can i give you some advice, go the 'how to ask for new build advice' sticky at the top of the forum and fill in the template there. This will allow us to help you much more.
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