Nvidia or AMD for all round use?


I am going to be building a computer and I can afford up to AUS$400 on a graphics card which just nicely puts the Gigabyte HD7970 into my price range. For the same money though, I could get a GTX 670. I will be using the system for a varity of tasks including gaming (skyrim being about the highest level at this time), 3D design and high definition video editing (sony vegas HD platinum 11).

In most reviews, the HD7970 comes out easily on top for gaming, however, I will also use it, to a degree, for 3D design (not animation though) such as Autodesk Inventor 2013.

As Nvidia has the Physx system, many people say it is better for the 3D work although would simply having more raw power compensate for this? Ie: would I be better off getting the HD7970 which should perform well in gaming and video editing or the Nvidia GTX 670 which will perform well in all aspects but be the weaker card overall.

Thanks for any help on this. :)

Edit: I will not be overclocking although don't mind buying pre-overclocked parts.
Second Edit: I will start out with one 24" 1080p monitor but may later increase to two (and hope for three).
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  1. AMD all the way. In video rendering, AMD's GPU computing will be very useful if they program supports AMD's GPU acceleration technology (Kepler nearly ditched computing power so that they consume less energy). I'm very sure that performance will be roughly equal in a HD 7970 as compared to Nvidia.

    Skyrim will give you much better performance on the HD 7970, plus the 3GB VRAM will be extremely useful for mods (2GB might not be enough for the most powerful mods out there lol)

    Also, if you are going for a multi screen setup, the HD 7970 will be even more powerful, especially if you can find a 6GB version on the market.
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