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Where can I find XP Pro cheap then the bloody $299 or upgrade $199?
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  2. A Microsoft OS cheap? What planet are you from? :tongue:

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  3. If you don't absolutely have to the Pro version, just get the home upgrade. 99 bucks here in the states.
  4. I think most online computer parts retailer will sell you the full version of Windows XP OEM for around $150 if you buy at least one hardware item like say a CDROM player.

    Quote from <A HREF="" target="_new">GoogleGear</A> site:


    Under Microsoft’s Distribution and Preinstallation Agreement, computer stores such as Googlegear are only allowed to sell a Microsoft OEM hardware/software product in conjunction with another hardware item. The agreement does not specify what type of computer hardware, so you <b>may choose anything in our Hardware or Systems departments -- even a cable</b>. No software, or CD/DVD/zip media.
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