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okay i have ran into a bit of a predicament here, i have two identical laptops both sony vaio e series. but one with winodows 7 ios and another with windows 8 ios. i want to take the hard drive of one and install it on the other, but when i place the hard drive of the windows 7 laptop and place it inside the window 8 laptop i get an ios not found error. i have tried to enter the bios but every F# key i press does not work it just repeats the error D: i now realise that the problem has to do with the bios since the drive is perfectly functionly when placed inside the original laptop. but i do not know how to get into the bios or what to do from their. maybe run a smart check? but isn't that for hard drive corruption? for now i am going to smash on all the buttons untill i get access to the bios, wish me luck....

any help is appreciated :D
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    You are moving a HDD into a new computer, you would need to re install windows.

    Also ios is the operating system of iphones and such, it's just OS :)
  2. lol true, my bad. okay so i would need to boot off a windows install media. but does anyone know how to get into the bios?
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