XFX Radeon 7700 overheating

So I'm having an issue with my current setup.

Setup - Phenom II 965 BE OC @ 4.1Ghz
XFX Radeon 7770 crossfired
16gb DRR3 @ 1333
4 hard drives - 4tb Hitachi 2tb Caviar Black 500gb Seagate 180gb Intel 520 SSD
850w Thermaltake PSU
Thermaltake Soprano case
Asus m4a88tdv-evo motherboard
This is on a 3 23inch monitor setup

So the other day I was playing Far Cry 3 and I recognized a ton of screen tearing. I looked at GPU-Z and CCC and I realized that my cards were getting high temps - main card was at 95c and second was 85c. I play BF3 multiplayer constantly and I don't have temperatures as high in that, but BF3 campaign, Far Cry 3, and Furrmark are giving me really high temperatures around 90c~~. The other components in the computer aren't getting hot at all.

The first thing I did was try to air it out with some compressed air - there was no dust build up but I did it anyways. That did not fix the issue, so I tried re-applying thermal paste to both GPUs. That gave a slight temperature drop, but its still running very hot and causing screen tearing during any high pressure gameplay. I tried to plug in my cards to a friends computer to make sure the GPUs aren't at fault, and in his machine they are averaging 60c under load. I do not believe this to be a case air flow issue due to the heat still getting hot when I take off the side panel and blow a personal fan directly at the cards.

So I've ruled out air flow, and a problem with the cards themself since they run smoothly on a different computer. I believe my PSU to have enough wattage to support the system I have, so I'm not sure if that would be the issue. One of the things I am recognizing is that when idle the GPUs rest around 50c, but the moment they get under any load whatsoever they jump up to around 75c in seconds.

What do you guys think the source could be?
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  1. Far Cry is an extremely taxing game, even a HD 7970 will only barely get comfortable fps when maxed.

    Also, Crossfire a HD 7770 (low end card) will always give screen tearing, nothing that can fix that.

    Can you tell me what fps you are getting? And what settings
  2. I'm not home to check my FPS, I'll get that as soon as I can. I'm having similar issues though running BF3 campaign, Hitman Absolution, etc. I'm trying to find out why there is such a drastic difference between the temperatures Im getting when the card is in my computer compared to my friends. Ive ruled out air flow, he mentioned a possibility of my PSU giving off higher voltages than they should to my GPUs. Has anybody ever heard of that happening before?
  3. FusionshadowXJ said:
    Ive ruled out air flow, he mentioned a possibility of my PSU giving off higher voltages than they should to my GPUs. Has anybody ever heard of that happening before?

    LOL normally its the other way around, but it shouldn't be.
  4. I got these cards for free and with extra money around the holidays I'm willing to spend money to fix this issue. I've been thinking about getting a 7950 or a 660ti, but I'm now afraid that there is an underlying issue going around that would make it better served if I changed a different part. Is it possible for a PSU to cause a GPU to overheat, or maybe the PCIe slots on my mobo to be bad causing the temperatures? If I could get the temperatures down to at least the temperatures the same cards are getting on my friends computer I'd be satisfied.
  5. Can you try removing one card and check?
  6. Yup Ive tried them 1 at a time on both computers, and crossfired. Both cards will run hot on my computer in any combination, but run a good 15-20c lower on his.
  7. Whats your friends set-up?
  8. 16gb ddr3 @1333
    1x Radeon 6870
    650w PSU
    2 monitor setup
    not sure on the case but very similar air flow setup (2 side fans as intake, push and pull system for CPU cooling)
  9. Is it right to say that you have a 3 monitor set-up?
  10. Yes I do, but I have tested temps having only 1 running. I have also tested temps with all but 1 of the hard drives plugged in (SSD for OS + BF3)
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    Ok, ask you friend if he could lend you his PSU and test it on your comp. If that doesn't help, your motherboard is the problem.
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