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  2. Quote:
    This is terrrrrrible

    terrible idea. scrap the whole thing. If you want help with a system build, I suggest that you make a post on asking for a build with what you want, considering you seem to have no ******* clue what you are doing. I cannot help you.

    If you're so useless at helping people you probably shouldn't post.

    Now, to the OP, click the link below and copy and fill out the template there into this thread answering the questions. That will give us an idea of what you want then we will be in a better position to help you :)
  3. this pc isnt so bad aoart frum the case, i hav an 13 3220, an xfx dd R7770 and a 650w corasir psu, and it runds sniper elite v2 at 80 fps, full settings. It is actually really good.
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