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I want to be able to play my games and use my 5.1 Midiland speakers. I tried the Acoustic Edge but had problem with it's recording abilitys.
Can you suggest a card for 5.1 gaming?

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  1. If you are looking for a good recording and gaming card, Try the Audigy OEM at newegg.com. It is only $60 and the bundled software is said to be second to none.

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  2. Most game only need 4.1.
  3. You mean the bundled software with the OEM is better than that of the Platinum eX?

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  4. I desided on the Audigy Gamer and I'm very happy now. All my games play through my 5.1 MidiLand setup. The games even seem to run smoother as well as sounding better. I'm guessing it may not need to use as many CPU cycles as the other cards I have had and tried. I did try the Philips Acoustic Edge but I had problems with it's Mike and recording.
    The SB Audigy installed without a single problem and the Software that came with it is quite good. Counter Strike and it's verbal comunication is so clear, it great. Max Payne, Ghost Recon, Comanche 4 and all the Quake III's and Unreals sound so much better.
    Thanks for your Posts.

    Take it with you, be a MobileGamer :wink:
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