Front USB 3.0 problem


My first build and today I was connected the USB 3.0 header to my motherboard which is asrock extreme 3.0.

Case is next switch 810. For some reason I can't connect he USB 3.0 to the motherboard even if I put my full force into it.

The end cable is blue and I'm trying to connect it to the USB 3-4 header on the motherboard that next to the 24pin socket
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  1. Can you post a picture?
  2. Just to be sure... the USB 3.0 header and the cable should look like the blue ones one the left (bottom left) of this picture.


    Also notice there is a gap on one side of the header and a ridge on one side of the plug that have to line up.

    If that is all ok check there is nothing lodged inside any of the small holes of the plug. Also that none of the pins are bent in the header.
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