Radeon 7850 New Drivers decreased my performance?

Well straight to the point, I have been using catalyst 12.8 for the last few months and have been pretty happy with the performance i'm getting for the most part, but today I looked up the 12.11 beta 8 driver and the changelog included changes such as 20% increase in performance in most games etc etc. Plus my framerate in Assassins creed 3 has been pretty appalling so I decided to give the new drivers a test.

After now having installed it, My games are in fact going slightly slower and frame skipping, when they weren't before?
I have tested Shogun 2 Total war, Napoleon Total War, War of the roses, Chivalry Medieval warfare and Assassins Creed 3. The total war games had a noticeable performance decrease and were frame skipping, war of the roses and chivalry didn't change and Assassins creed 3 got a decent increase in fps but is frame skipping aswell.

My question to you is, Do you think I should switch back to 12.8, or try out 12.10 stable build? Is anyone else actually seeing a performance decrease across the board with 12.11? And lastly, for those of you with 12.10, have you seen good performance?Please respond.
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  1. Complete system specs please?
  2. Herr_Koos said:
    Complete system specs please?

    Intel core i7 2600k, stock speeds no OC
    HIS Radeon 7850 2GB
    8GB DDR3 RAM
    2TB HDD
    700W PSU (Don't know the brand sorry, but i'm pretty sure it's nothing to do with my PSU.)

    Am I seriously the only person who has actually experienced worse performance with the new drivers? really dissappointing :(
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    It's still a beta driver after all. Try the following:

    - Download and install Driver Sweeper.
    - Uninstall your driver and reboot Windows.
    - Start in safe mode, and run Driver Sweeper to remove any remaining traces of the driver.
    - Restart Windows normally and then install 12.11 again.

    If performance is still below par, go back to 12.10 stable. I've used it for some time and it seems to work fine.
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  5. Okay I'll try that and see how it goes, i did revert to 12.8 earlier today and no more frame skips or lag, strange. Anyhow, you're the only person who went out of their way to help or give an opinion, so thanks :)
  6. My pleasure. Tough questions take some time to answer, so be patient. We all do this in our free time after all... :-)
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