Graphic card wont work PLZ HELP

I got a AMD XFX 6870 from for my Compaq Presario CQ5000(model: CQ5621F).I gave my computer to my local computer shop to install the GPU as well as Power supply (500watts).Got it back 30 min later with everything installed, went home plugged everything installed all my drives i was good to go.Seven months later my GPU started getting high temps and idle at 60c on load at 70c raking up every five minutes up to 103C then instantly monitor shuts off but computer doesn't and graphic card doesn't either.So i open up my graphic card and changed the thermal pasting,and on CPU.I put everything back in start up computer and started playing Skyrim :sol: around 86c everything shutdowns on me.Started computer back up again then i heard beeeeep beeeep beeep so i quickly turned everything off checked all the wires unplugged RAM plugged it back in.Beep beep still had continued after computer start up turned everything off,took out GPU plugged it back in and everything worked again but now i was getting no signal through HDMI cable(GPU to monitor)So i flipped through my sources and went to VGA( computer to monitor) Everything was enlarged(icons background etc)I went to device manger and my computer was using intergrated graphic and not my AMD 6870 i tired installing drives for amd 6870 but it said ``No AMD product was found.``CAN somone please help meee :cry: GPU FAN IS STILL WORKING SO IS THE CPU I GOT RiD OF THE THERMAL PASTE AND PUT LESS ON IT STILL DIDNT HELP :cry: Can any expert help me that be nice
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  1. replace the card.i think its gpu fault

    go to your local hardware shop and repair or rma that card. do not tell him that you have opened graphic card as it does not come under warranty.

    replace it
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