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Multiple Same Model Laptop Networking Problem

Hello Everyone,

My company, which is small (about 8 people), just purchased three new laptops that we use to connect to wireless. The organization is based in London so we use Citrix to connect to the server there. Our office features a basic Business wireless bandwith through comcast.

Also, our router (I am told) was purchased to handle the workload of up to 10 computers working on citrix at once...but I'm not so sure.

Anyway, the model computers we are using are: TOSHIBA PORTEGE R835's. They are x64 based systems, with good processors (i5 2140m).

Now, often when I log on to the internet using the windows networking service to my Wireless router, the poor girl with the same model computer gets booted. This problem can persist, and only once in a while it works. She reports that everytime I am on the road and not around with my computer, she can log in just fine.

I'm thinking this is a IP issue? some help would be great!

Let me know where I haven't been clear.
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  1. Yes, most likely a conflict exists in that your machine connects with the same ip address, so it bumps hers off.

    It sounds like your router is not set up with the DHCP function to assign enough addresses, or you are using static addresses that are the same. Connect to the wireless router (type the router ip address or network name from the manual into your browser with correct router user and password) and check the settings for the wireless LAN, including the assignable range allowed to the router DHCP function.

    Also in each computer check its ip address assigned by using the command prompt and typing "ipconfig" that will list out the gateway address, machine address and some other information. If they are static you can change them to dynamic and assigned by the router's DHCP function.
  2. Hey,

    Thanks, I figured as much. Since I dont have the manual available to me, can you confirm where in the preferences of the network I can find the router's ip?

    Also, if you can priovde an example of what to type in my address bar, that would be great.

    I'm just the video game half geek in the office with no real IT support. Thanks again!!!
  3. To find the router address, just look at the gateway address when you enter "ipconfig" into the command prompt box on your computer. Then type that in your browser, it should be something like or Id is probably admin and password is probably admin, password, <blank>. Depends on the specific router brand.
  4. thanks for the help, I'm in!

    the ip designations seem to be dynamic. I'd like to have the IP assigned for each individual computer, what should i run in the command prompt?
  5. Turn on all the laptops and then look at the router dhcp ip address table. Insure that they all show up and that the dhcp function has a sufficiently large range of addresses to assign. When the laptops are all on you can also type "ipconfig" in the command prompt of each to see if they have different addresses.

    Also insure that each laptop is set to obtain its ip address dynamically from the gateway router, not have a static address on the laptop.

    You can also reserve an address for each laptop by MAC address -- you can get the MAC addresses by running "ipconfig" in the command prompt box on each computer. It is a unique id that is six pairs of hexidecimal digits separated by a dash or colon (like a1:c0:ee:67:29:ab).
  6. Thanks. Can't figure out how to access the ip address table in my netgear router...

    I've tried running a few prompts in her laptop, but now it seems that although she has a different MAC address and IP address than I, she can't connect to the internet.

    the computer connects to the router but not the net.

    Is there a way to run a prompt in command to set the ip back to system defaults?

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    Depends on the model, but it will be something like this: the Attached Devices screen contains a table of all IP devices that the router has discovered on the local network. From the main menu of the browser interface, under Maintenance, select Attached Devices to view the table. You can also usually refresh the table by hitting the refresh button if you turn on more devices.

    To reset the router to defaults depress the reset button, it will restore factory settings. To clear the laptop settings, type "ipconfig /release" and then "ipconfig /renew" in the command prompt.

    MAC addresses are unique so they should be different, and her ip address, while different should be close to yours -- only the last group of numbers should differ. Try shutting your machine off, restart hers, check her ip address, then turn your computer on and check its address.
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