GTX 260 stopped working

I bought a B-Stock GTX 260 from EVGA about a year ago, and it worked perfectly up until recently. About two weeks ago I was playing Assassin's Creed, and the game froze, crashed, and my computer restarted. Ever since then I can't do any gaming without intense artifacts and crashing within a few second. What's going on? Do I need a new video card?

Phenom II
8 Gb RAM
500w Corsair Builder
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  1. what kind of warranty did you get ?

    B-stock or open box items can be beat to hell by people, returned, resold as used AS IS........... money down the drain. hope it didn't cost too much....
  2. It came with a one year limited warranty (which expired a few months ago). I paid about 90 bucks for it. Is it worth seeing if they'll repair it, or should I join the market for a new card?
  3. if it's still under warranty act quickly. if not don't waste your time on old junk. buy new. relatively inexpensive cards beat the heck out of the 260 anymore.
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