Radeon HD 7850 and a Bulldozer fx

does the amd fx-4170 bottlenecks the HD 7850?
If not, are my GPU & CPU good enough to play BO2, CoD4 promod and bf3 (medium), 16GB ram?
On what fps will i play?
16GB Ram coz fraps recording for some montages,
and i dont want the fps to drop like ***..
thanks, www.youtube.com/chimpartwork
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  1. Nope, your CPU will be fine for all those games :)

    Also, you can run BF3 at Ultra, just saying ;)
  2. The FX CPU's get a lot of crap but they are really a very good CPU. I have a FX-8120 and FX-8350 rig and they are very good. I can play any game at max/ultra 1080p with no problems at all. You should be just fine.
  3. FX 4170 will not bottleneck and you'll easily cross High Settings with good fps.
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